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Ballarat’s Best Ideas (now closed).

PLEASE NOTE: Entry into the Ballarat’s Best Ideas competition is now closed. Suggest it is still available though, so you can always give a great idea to a local business or organisation!

An exciting opportunity to crowdsource great ideas for Ballarat’s businesses and organisations and WIN!

For individuals (Gurus)
Share your great ideas

For businesses and organisations
Receive great ideas

What is Ballarat’s Best Ideas?

Ballarat’s Best Ideas is a city-wide competition to crowdsource the best ideas from you to support local businesses and organisations.

We know Ballarat is a creative and energetic place full of ideas and through Suggest it and our partners we want to find the brightest and bring them to life.

Who can participate?

Anyone and any business (or organisation) .

If you have a positive idea for a local business you can submit it on Suggest it. All you need to do is sign up, suggest and you could win.

If you’re a local Ballarat business, register with Suggest it, with no cost or strings attached.

When is Ballarat’s Best Ideas?

You can give suggestions at any time on Suggest it.

Any idea suggested to a local Ballarat business from 1 April 2021 until 14 May 2021 can go into the competition to be chosen as one of Ballarat’s best.

What is judged Ballarat’s best ideas and by whom?

We know ideas come in all shapes and sizes, so every Ballarat business that received an idea will be asked to submit their best.

The competition has a simple criteria based on:

  • How unique, creative and novel the idea is
  • The impact the idea will make on the business or organisation
  • How will the idea help it’s customers and the broader Ballarat community
  • The commitment from the business to implement the idea.

Most importantly the idea must be positive, constructive and actionable.

Three ideas will be judged the winners by our esteemed panel with representatives from:

  • The City of Ballarat
  • Federation University Australia
  • Regional Development Victoria
  • Runway

What is the prize?

For the three ideas selected by the panel as the winners:

The Gurus that submitted them will each receive a $500 voucher to any business that is a member of Commerce Ballarat.

The businesses that received them will each receive $500 in value toward implementing them, with further support from our partners to ensure the idea can come to life.

How do I get involved?


To submit your idea, click here for a simple sign up (if you are not already a Guru) and submit away!

As a business or organisation click here to register and be eligible to receive ideas and win.

Why should I get involved?

All ideas are welcome and can make a difference.

Not only can you win, but every idea that helps a business is a good idea, no matter how big or small.

Together, the impact we can have as a community will continue to evolve Ballarat as a great place to live, work and play.

Anything else?

The Suggest it Promise

  • It’s positive – we only facilitate ideas that are constructive and actionable
  • It’s private – we don’t share any personal details
  • It’s free – there is no cost

What this means is if you submit an idea, your personal details are not shared with the business. If a business submits your idea into the competition and it wins, we will contact you to seek your permission to be publicly acknowledged.  You still win the $500 voucher even if you choose to remain anonymous.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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