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What is Suggest it?

Suggest it reimagines the suggestion box. It is a platform for everyday people, that we call Gurus, to share their ideas with businesses and organisation so they can grow, improve and succeed.

How much does it cost?

Suggest it is a free platform for both businesses and gurus.

Is it Suggest it a review site?

No, far from it. Suggest is a digital suggestion box that allows everyday people, who we call Gurus, to share their ideas with businesses. The ideas need to be constructive and actionable, to help business improve and succeed. Ideas are private – they are passed directly from the Guru to the business.

Who ‘owns’ the ideas shared on Suggest it?

Once a Guru has submitted their idea, the business can use it as they please, without attribution. A Guru can, however, submit the same idea to multiple businesses. As the idea-sharing platform, Suggest it can also freely use the idea but we will never disclose who sent the idea and which businesses they sent it to.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Suggest it is very attentive to privacy and protecting the information of both Gurus and businesses. See our Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use.

For Gurus

How do I become a Guru and share my idea?

Very easily! Sign up as a Guru, then head to the home page and search any business!

Can I suggest an idea for any business?

Absolutely, every business can be searched on Suggest it. If that business has registered with Suggest it, your idea will go straight to them. If they haven’t registered yet, we’ll get in touch to let them know they have an idea waiting for them!

If I work in the industry of helping businesses (e.g. business consultant) can I suggest my ideas?

You’re welcome to submit an idea, but you can’t solicit work through Suggest it. In other words, your idea can’t include any information that identifies you or your business. Suggest it is based on the belief that everyday people have great ideas that they are happy to share, with no strings attached.

What is a tip and how do I receive it?

When business sends a Guru a note of thanks, they have the option of adding a tip. You will receive an email from Paypal that enables you to securely claim this tip. The business itself will not require, nor have access to any of your bank details.

For Business

How do I register as a business to receive ideas?

It’s easy! Head to this page, search your business and then follow the simple registration details. We will be in touch to verify your details.

How do I receive ideas and suggestions?

Once an idea is submitted by a Guru, you will receive an email with the idea. It will only come to you.

Will I know the identity of my Guru?

No, you will only be given their first name and their idea.

What if I want to thank my Guru?

You can, and we think that is important. When you receive an idea, you will be offered the opportunity to write a note of thanks.

Suggest it is a platform for positive and constructive ideas, not complaints or criticism.

Suggest it is private. Ideas are only shared with the business and all contact details remain confidential.

Suggest it is free. There is no cost, whether you’re a business seeking great ideas or a Guru with many to share.

Suggest it: The global suggestion box.

We have reimagined the suggestion box to provide everyday people with a simple and free platform to share their great ideas.
Ben Wearne and Nick Clare, Co-founders, Suggest it

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